‘An Introduction to Planning Methods and Techniques’ published by SBU Press

The book "An Introduction to Planning Methods and Techniques with Special Reference to Urban Planning Methods and Techniques" written by Zohreh Abdi Daneshpour, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of SBU, has been published recently by SBU Press.
The book deals with planning methods and techniques with special emphasis on urban planning methods and techniques. It has five volumes and each volume has some chapters, each of which deals with the main thematic and policy-making areas in urban planning, different stages of a "great urban planning process" and the basic principles and nature of methods, techniques and models of urban planning.
These five volumes can be enumerated and described as follows. The first volume consists of five chapters. The first and second chapters introduce the research method of the whole book. The third chapter deals with the macro system of urban planning. The fourth chapter describes urban planning process models, and the fifth chapter deals with models in urban planning.
The second volume consists of four chapters. Chapter six is about research methods related to the city and urban planning. Chapter seven discusses decision-making in urban planning. Chapter eight deals with urban politics and policy-making in urban planning, and chapter nine examines problem-finding and problem-solving in urban planning.
The third volume consists of three chapters. Chapter 10 is about models and modeling in urban planning. Chapter 11 deals with statements of assignment, agenda, vision, values and macro and micro-objectives of urban planning, and chapter 12 describes the collection, accumulation, processing, description and analysis of data and information in urban planning.
The fourth volume consists of three chapters. Chapter 13 is an analytical description of the spatial system of the planned city. Chapter 14 deals with the future in urban planning, and chapter 15 concerns with the estimation of the need for all kinds of adapted urban activities and spaces. 
The fifth volume consists of three chapters. Chapter 16 is about designing an urban plan in the stage of urban planning prescription (which is an important stage in every "great urban planning process"). Chapter 17 deals with valuation in urban planning. Finally, chapter 18 concerns with implementation, monitoring and revision in urban planning. The fifth volume contains the book’s specialized vocabulary list prepared by the author.